Longings of a Nice Girl

She’s so beautiful
Always smiling
Such a nice girl.
Don’t ruffle too many feathers
Learn to play nice
Don’t speak too loudly
Or say what you really mean
‘Cause you might hurt someone else’s feelings
And that’s not what nice girls do
16 years old
Felt like I couldn’t say no
22, same story
Guess some habits are hard to let go
They tell us we are equal
but now i’m not so sure
70 cents for every dollar
Tell me, is that what you look for?
They tell me to take your last name
And scoff at the proposition
That you take mine
Equality, freedom, respect, and choices
Well, I guess these things take time
So don’t go asking my dad
For the permission I don’t need
Don’t be surprised
if I don’t smile all the time
Don’t be alarmed when I call it like it is
Gender roles, society
Sugar coat it all you like
Sexism isn’t too drastic
It’s still full well alive
So call it out
and chop it up
Unless you want to be a “nice girl.”