Letters to Future Sisters

letters to future sisters snip

Letters to Future Sisters of the World is my first book project. This photo journal will feature letters from women all over the world describing their experiences of growing up in their corner of the world as well as telling the dreams that women have for future generations of women and girls. Because we each have a story, but some stories aren’t getting heard. Faint not, friend, because eyes are being opened towards the needs, desires, and voices of women across the world. Now is the time to sound together, from corner office, to rural village, from Church to Mosque, from your tears, to my tears, from your laughter, to my laughter. These letters will form a book that will offer a platform for women from all religions, socio-economic statuses, nationalities, and orientations to both hear and be heard. Let’s promote global communication through the language of shared sisterhood. Once enough letters have been gathered into a book, a portion of the book’s sales will benefit a women’s organization promoting the physical, social, and economic development of women internationally. Furthermore, this book will promote partnership of women’s organizations and a page promoting women’s organizations will appear in the back of the book with ideas on how to get involved in women’s social justice issues.

So what are you waiting for? Come write your letter today! Check us out at www.letterstofuturesisters.wordpress.com, find us on twitter: #futuresisters or email us your letter: lettterstofuturesisters@gmail.com


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