In 2010, I felt an urge to write. The pen and well-worn journal pages were the recipients of questions, thoughts, musings, and quotes from role models. This led to developing a blog as a space to foster community around the intersections of faith and social justice. In turn, this has merged into larger conversations- as writing has its own way of doing-about equity, sport, poetry, education, and health. Please explore the other tabs depending on which topic above is most of interest to you. Additionally, if you identify as a woman or girl, I encourage you to check out Letters to Future Sisters of the World, a project in which I’m collecting letters from women and girls across the world sharing our stories on what being a woman or girl in our community means, while sharing our dreams for future generations of women and girls.

Together in justice and equity,

Melissa Otterbein

Melissa is a researcher, writer, educator, coach, and triathlete. A Certified Health Educator Specialist, she serves on the Editoral Board of Journal of Emerging Sport Studies and is a USA Triathlon Level I Coach. She welcomes your comments at melissaotterbein at gmail.com


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    • Thanks, Serena! What a neat opportunity to connect with other bloggers! I enjoyed reading others’ responses to questions and look forward to checking out the other questions 🙂

  1. Melissa,

    This blog about being “uprooted” really helps me understand where I am in life right now. Thank you for writing it. Married 29, family concert ministry, former fundamental pastor, yet I am seeing seeing my God and His word with new eyes as I come to terms with a life time struggle with my gender. I told my wife and kids of my life long struggle three years ago, but over these three years I have found my beliefs and needs crossing paths with my family, so I am now making plans to tell them that I will be transitioning from male to female. Add to that the internal struggle that you have described so well as I too find myself doctrinally “uprooted.” I feel more and more out of place in the fundamental world that I am in, and worry that I may never find another place of ministry as a transgender woman. I also am not looking forward to the inevitable conversations with those who will want to help me see my sin, and error of my ways. I simply feel lost,”uprooted,” and sometimes wish I could go back to where I believed what everyone else does, or maybe I could just hide what I believe and not change anything, but neither option is open to me.


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