It Sounds Just as Ignorant When You Say It

In the same way that “Straight lives matter” would denigrate the power of the 2015 Defense of Marriage Act being struck down-
In the same way that “Male Lives Matter” would take away from the Me Too movement and the 2017 Women’s March
In the same way that “Able Bodies Matter” would diminish the 2008 Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act (because the original act wasn’t inclusive)
In the same way “English speaking lives matter” would distract from the stories of refugees making life-threatening journeys to a place of safety-
In the same way that the world could choose to perpetuate power, privilege, and try to ameliorate the discomfort of inequality-
Let us not waste this moment in history by distracting from the voices that we need to listen to the most right now by saying “All Lives Matter” when #blacklivesmatter✊🏾
depends on this right now

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