Of Revelation: Guest Post From Casey Kilburn

Of Revelation

Sinking in

From this peculiar place I stand

Like quicksand,

It pulls me under without warning.

Unforgiving, a silent killer.

Wrapped in a canvas of sand and mud I ponder:

If you love me so, why do I find myself sinking deeper still?

Calling out in desperation, You answer.

In a fleet flying overhead.

Casey bird guatemala picture

Photo: Casey Kilburn

Their sound, not of a bustling engine

But of a melodic song.

Calling out as they fly by,

In unison like the holy choir,

Going about their journey without question

Fully resolved in their way, in your mysterious way.

Questions of tomorrow don’t clip at their wings,

The burden of the past does not bring them down.

Freedom; their specialty.

And in their kindness,

They don’t laugh at the misguided creatures

Rapidly scattering about below,

Yet moving no where at all.

I am comforted by their faith, one that keeps them moving forward.

I realize that this is all I can ask you for; to keep moving forward, towards you.

Ordinary time does not exist in this place,

And in an unedited breath

Their passing breeze delicately brushes against my skin,

Leaving the trace of your revelation song;

The only way out:

Surrender to the weight

of the world

pushing down


it will gracefully

let you go.

casey bio pic

Photo: Casey Kilburn

“This came from a place of reflecting on the feeling I believe we can all relate to at times. It is that one of feeling lost, sinking in, not knowing the direction ahead. But then I feel like God so graciously and beautifully makes His presence known, and all we can ask for sometimes is the strength to surrender to that,” shares Casey Kilburn about “Of Revelation.” Casey was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and over the past few years has had the deep privilege to learn and travel to some known, and less known, corners of the earth. Through her love of the beautiful game of futbol, traveling, and people; she has gained, and still learning everyday, about this difficult, wonderful, immensely diverse, and fascinating world. She hopes to convey some of these joys, questions, and her spirit through her writing.


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