These Plastic Little Veils

Sometimes the way that we do things
Spins circuitously like chipped horses
on brass carousels

Hiding, quieting, yet moving
It’s Like being covered in plastic little veils
Silencing even our shadows
Yet still shadows dance with the light
And swords can turn to ploughshares
if you learn to meld them right

But I won’t wear
These plastic little veils
No I won’t wear these plastic little veils

I tried to stand in your waters
But I always found myself sinking
The view from the shore
Stands still drenched in thick beauty

But I won’t stand here at the edge of not yet
When my soul just aches to dive in
I’ll go way out there
I’ll go Way out there
I’m way out here

They warned of falling off too far
But there is magnetic connection
That spark between water, earth, and sky

And sometimes the only way to find the other side
Is to try
‘Cause there’s a way to leave
Without leaving it all behind

There wouldn’t be a need for lighthouses
If we all stayed anchored to the shore
There is no science and progress
Without posing new questions
So I’ll raise my voice a little louder
And look you in the eye

And I won’t wear
These paper little veils
And I won’t wear these paper little veils

I’ll meet you out here in yellow
And ditch satin white lace
I’ll greet you barefoot in fields of sunshine
No aisles, No false pretenses
Rhetoric has died
All that’s left are a few, simple words embossed in beauty
Sewn together from the heart
Everyone will listen to the sound
of rushing water through mountain cracks
And dance with the fireflies and crickets
We’ll sail away in hot air balloons
And travel the sky

So raise a hand for unorthodoxy
Create peace out of madness
Ask the obedient ridiculous questions
And take off plastic little veils

I won’t sing
Unless I can scream
And I don’t speak
Unless I can shout

‘Cause I won’t wear these plastic little veils
No I won’t wear these plastic little veils

We can love uncovered
Let every word come out

We all will have something to learn
When we lay down our righteousness
And turn in plastic little veils


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