Sports + Refugees= Empowerment (And A Dream I’m Not Yet Sure How to Turn Into Reality)

What’s your passion?

That thing that gets your heart beating faster, your mind imagining and creating, aliveness pulsing through your veins?

What do you need to do to pursue it?

What scenes do you see when you daydream?
Is your dream out there? Can you find it? If you can’t find it… is it time to create it?

I’ve found myself in the latter part of that sentiment. I dream about how sports can be used in the developing world to address the Millennium Development Goals  Most days, I’m not sure what that looks like. While I wave my hands in the air asking God for a road map, all I hear Him/Her say is, “Just begin.” So I decided to begin somewhere… at a refugee healthcare class at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health last fall. Below is a link to my final paper “Sports as a Tool for Refugee Empowerment” featured on Sport& Feel free to check it out and if you know anyone who might be able to help me on this journey… I’d love to know!

So you’ve got the tug on your heart…

What steps will you take this year to actively pursue it?

Who will support your journey?

… Ready. Begin.

I’m not sure what all this looks like most days, but when I think about this dream, it looks a little like this. (Plus some sprints, drills, and health lessons in between!)
Photo Credit: UNHCR.

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